WEB Research

Learning is the most productive human activity

The purpose of the Centre for Research on Work, Education and Business Ltd, WEB Research, was to understand how adults learn at work and to use that knowledge to improve the effectiveness of any organisation. We provided research, evaluation and change management services and business consultancy.

We looked to improve the productivity, innovation, skills and sustainability of organisations and their people by using research-based intervention methods we have learned and further developed by working with people in organisations.

WEB Research provided research (policy, operations, programmes), evaluation (case studies, action research, developmental research), management consulting (reviews of services, systems and structures) and advisory services to the public sector (education, labour), large and small businesses, Crown Research Institutes (with a primary industry or manufacturing focus), secondary school Boards of Trustees and ITOs and PTEs.  Get an overview of What We Do.

Our methods drew on Cultural Historical Activity Theory (CHAT) and Developmental Work Research (DWR). We were active members of the International Society for Cultural and Activity Research (ISCAR) and were, for a time, world leaders in adapting CHAT and DWR for application in workplaces as a consulting method.  WEB was, itself, a New Zealand SME. For clients, this ensured that we understood the challenges of running a small business and that we had a deep understanding of the attitudes, values and cultural imprints of New Zealanders in their work.

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