Schools Sector

WEB Research has extensive experience of working with schools on practical issues around governance, curriculum, assessment, strategic planning and personnel management.

WEB undertakes:

  • performance reviews of principals and other senior staff;
  • support and facilitation of 5 Year strategic planing and setting targets for annual rpeorts;
  • support and facilitation for schooling improvement projects controlled by the board;
  • support and facilitation of area reviews, school reorganization, closures and mergers;
  • providing Specialist Advisors (Curriculum, Assessment) and Limited Statutory Managers (Personnel, Health and Safety, Community Relations) appointed under Section 78K & M of the Education Act.

Examples of Education network provision and effectiveness - Reviews, Mergers, Closures, Statutory Management and Specialist Advisory Services

Appointment as Limited Statutory Manager pursuant to s.78K, Education Act 1989

Ken Wilson has held appointments by the Secretary of Education as the Limited Statutory Manager to provide curriculum, health and safety and personnel management advice and support at:

o        Te Aute College – late 2004 extended to 2007

o        NaeNae College – late 2004 to late 2007

Appointments as Specialist Advisers pursuant to s.78M of the Education Act 1989

Phillip Capper and Ken Wilson have held appointments by the Secretary of Education as Specialist Advisers to provide Boards of Trustees with advice and support in curriculum, assessment and personnel management.

Appointment as Closure Manager – Watlington Intermediate School

Ken Wilson was appointed as the Closure Manager for Watlington Intermediate School. Watlington closed as part of the Timaru Schooling Network Review.

Merger of Wycliffe Intermediate School with Colenso High School

Ken Wilson was employed by the Board of (then) Colenso High School to provide, legal, educational and personnel assistance for the voluntary merger between Colenso and Wycliffe Intermediate School, Napier.

Merger of Parkway College and Wainuiomata College

Ken Wilson managed the merger of Parkway and Wainuiomata Colleges to become the very successful Wainuiomata High School. This was a large scale, innovative and difficult project. Services including coaching and assisting two boards of trustees to create a working partnership despite their strongly held differences and shepherding trustees through complex financial, legal, appointment and employment matters while under extreme time pressures. 

Facilitation of the development of a National Plan for Deaf Education

This task required high level facilitation and mediation skills to work with strongly motivated interests groups and the Ministry of Education to produce a shared statement of goals, values and aspirations agreed to by the active parties in the sector.  Ken Wilson facilitated a Transition Working Group for two years that established the National Plan and reconciled, in large part, many strongly divided parties with strong interests in deaf education.

Facilitation of a Working Group to establish the Deaf Education Charitable Trust (now Deaf Education Aoteoroa New Zealand –DEANZ)

Ken Wilson facilitated the negotiation and preparation of a proposal for a Deaf Education Charitable Trust.  This required establishing and maintaining relationships with the boards of Kelston and van Asch, the Deaf Community, Specialist Education Services, the Ministry of Education, teacher unions and employees in the sector.  WEB Research secured the support of these groups for a proposal and researched and managed the legal processes required to establish Deaf Education Aoteoroa New Zealand and drafted the initial Trust Deed.

Support Project for Homai National School for the Blind and Vision Impaired

Homai Vision Education Centre (as it then was) had always been an internal division of the Royal New Zealand Foundation for The Blind, however on 1st July 2000, Homai became a registered state school.  The goals of this project were to assist the board to become effective governors, to establish a financial basis for the school’s many services and to resolve some strongly held and differing views about finances and strategy for the school held by trustees, parents, staff and the Royal New Zealand Foundation for the Blind. 

 Review of services at Waimokoia School

WEB Research carried out a review of the support services at Waimokoia School for the Commissioner. The review focus was on kitchen, laundry, social workers and administration services. 

Hutt Valley High School and Petone College

Ken Wilson worked with the board and principal of Hutt Valley High School as an advisor and liaison person between the board and the Ministry to address school organisational and service delivery issues arising from the closure of Petone College. WEB Research prepared and negotiated an agreement between the Board and the Ministry for the integration of the Petone site and its students into Hutt Valley High School.

Review of Governance – Kelston & van Asch Deaf Education Centres

In this project Ken Wilson worked with the boards of trustees to review and reshape the understandings and practices of governance.  Fundamental to new practices were alterations to the information flows to the board and the creation of fresh understandings about how to be effective governors.  In particular we reconfigured the internal financial recording and external reporting system and Charts of Accounts to reflect the significant activities, service contracts and regional services, of the Centre. 

Review of services at Hogben School

Ken Wilson facilitated a review of Hogben School by the board and negotiated a Funding Provision Agreement with the Ministry of Education.  This required close work with parents, staff, unions, board and Ministry to review staffing and resourcing of the entire institution.  The result was a shared vision for the school and a significant restructuring of the institution to enhance its effectiveness, its efficiency and to enable the school to return to viability after seven years of deficits.

Talking about education matters

Phil Capper is a popular and stimulating keynote speaker on education issues; these days that includes quite a bit of history that seems to be slipping from the memories of others!

Phil has spoken at more than 30 conferences since the mid-1980s, including conferences in New Zealand, USA, Australia, United Kingdom, Finland and France.  Phil has been an invited presenter or speaker at over 100 conferences during the same period. Some examples are:

o        Invited Paper delivered to the European Conference of the World Confederation of Organisations of the Teaching Professions, Turku, Finland (1987).

o        Invited Keynote Address to the ‘Education Plan for Australia  Conference, Sydney (1989).

o        Invited Keynote Address to Conferences of Educational Administrators at Columbia University (1991) and Arizona State University (1990).

o        Invited Address to the Colloquium for Dr Clarence Beeby (1992).

o        Invited paper presentations at the Conference on Constructivist Methods of Education, Niagara Falls, July 1996. Return invitations July 1997 and 1998.

Future Scanning

WEB Research undertook a future scanning programme for the Electro Technology Industry Training Organisation. The ETITO accepted a recommendation to use a web-based consultation and stakeholder engagement tool WEB Research has been trained to use. The results of the very successful programme assisted the ETITO to complete its strategic planning and compliance requirements.

Evaluation research in the education sector

Ministry of Education

An Evaluation of the Diploma in Specialist Subjects (Secondary Teacher) (2006) for the Ministry of Education.
Evaluation Indicators (2002). Development of performance indicators for use by the Education Review Office (ERO) and all institutions in the compulsory education sector.


Contractor to NZQA in a project to produce Evaluation Indicators for Industry Training Organisations (2007-8).
Contractor to NZQA in a project to produce Evaluation Indicators for Tertiary Education Organisations (2007-8).

Tertiary Education Commission

TEC nominee on a New Zealand Vice Chancellors’ Committee Working Party on Evaluation Indicators (2008).
WEB Research (2004) Phase 1 Evaluation of the implementation of the PBRF and the conduct of the 2003 Quality Evaluation Wellington. This was a substantial evaluation that required high levels of analysis, reporting and sensitivity. A copy of this report is held at:

Ministry of Research, Science and Technology

WEB Research was commissioned to carry out an evaluation of the Marsden Fund (2004). A project undertaken with Technopolis Ltd. The report can be found at:

Barriers and Incentives to Participation in the New Zealand Science and Technology System: Taking Stock (1999). A report for MoRST prepared by WEB Research and the Open Polytechnic of New Zealand.
Science and Technology Interest, Understanding and Attitudes in the New Zealand Community (1998). A survey on behalf of MoRST.

Other education sector projects

An Evaluation of Tai Poutini Polytechnic’s National and Industry Programmes (2008). Internal report.