Phillip Capper

Phillip Capper is a Director of WEB Research and a senior researcher and consultant, whose recent projects include organisational development consultancies in the Netherlands and New Zealand, and a future skills forecasting project for the Electrotechnology Industry Training Organisation in New Zealand.

He has been a Visiting Scholar at the College of Education, University of Illinois at Chicago, has conducted seminars for graduate students at the Center for Activity Theory and Developmental Work Research, University of Helsinki; and at the New York State School of Industrial and Labor Relations at Cornell University. He has facilitated and presented invited presentations at the Conference on Constructivist Methods of Education, Niagara Falls in 1996 and 1997, and chaired a symposium on Developmental Work Research at the 2003 European Psychology Congress in Vienna. He has also taught courses at Victoria and Auckland universities in New Zealand, and at the Christchurch College of Education

Phillip is the recipient of several Study Awards to Europe and North America to study Education and Workplace linkages.

Phillip works primarily in developing and extending applications of Developmental Work Research and Activity Theory in education, (School Improvement Strategies) and business (Knowledge Laboratory) settings and has an interest in Systems Safety, particularly in Aviation.

Dr Roberta Hill

Dr Roberta Hill is a Director of WEB Research and has 22 years’ research and management experience. Her recent projects include a series of policy evaluation projects for the New Zealand Department of Labour, and sub contracted social science components of Foundation for Research, Science and Technology projects led by a number of Crown Research Institutes. she is currently leading a major evaluation contract of the Performance Based Research Fund in New Zealand tertiary education institutions, and a contract to develop a major cross departmental prject concerend with the effects of government regulation on small and medium sized businesses.

She specialises in qualitative research methods and analysis, and has extensive experience in the New Zealand science environment.

Roberta is an accredited Academic Auditor, an honorary lecturer at Lincoln University, has been a guest lecturer at Otago, Canterbury, Victoria and Massey Universities, and was involved in the establishment of the CRIs as Convenor of the Establishment Unit for Crown Research Institute for Social Research and Development.

She was the Lead Expert for the Social Sciences in the MRST Knowledge Base project (1995-96) and in 1998 was a consultant to the Royal Society social sciences Foresight project team.

Ken Wilson

Ken Wilson is a senior researcher, facilitator and consultant and is Director of WEB Research where he acts as the Business Manager.

Ken has a detailed experience and knowledge of state sector labour relations. He has experience of leading large collective contract negotiations and is familiar with dispute resolution, greivances and competence and disciplinary processes as an advocate and employer. Ken has drafted and negotiated Purchase Agreements, on behalf of the Crown, with six special education service providers.

In recent years Ken has managed the merger of two secondary schools (Wainuiomata), assisted the Board in the closure of Watlington Intermediate (Timaru), been a Limited Statutory Manager (NaeNae College and Te Aute College) and assisted the Board of Makoura College to prepare a report of it viability.


Tony Bullard

Tony Bullard is a Director of WEB Research with responsibility for the ICT and Financial Management of the company. Tony has a background in social and educational research, environmental impact assessment and town planning.

He has worked as a submission analyst, evaluator and researcher and has worked in a range of private companies and universities and more recently in local government as a town planner.

Kathryn Hawes

Kathryn Hawes is a Director of WEB Research.

Kathryn workedfull-time in WEB Research for two years, from 1996 to 1998, in a variety of roles, including administrative support, logistics, desktop publishing, client liaison, management and assisting with field research and accounting functions.

Kathryn left her full-time position with WEB in 1998 to take up a full-time position with Lincoln University and to complete a part-time Bachelor of Social Science degree, in order to rejoin WEB as a practising researcher/project manager.

She maintains regular contact with her WEB colleagues, including attending Directors meetings and undertaking some WEB project and administrative work on a part-time basis.